Insurance Agency Threatens to Drop Woman’s Coverage Over “Controversial” Sticker [PHOTO]


The United Kingdom, like much of the rest of Western Europe, is in the midst of committing cultural suicide because of their overly tolerant policies towards radical Muslims and the Islamic faith.

Due to hate speech legislation, Christians are being persecuted for speaking out against the dangers of radical Islam, resulting in people being arrested or losing their jobs.

Apparently, being an outspoken Christian in the U.K. can even get you dropped from your car insurance coverage now too.

Rev. Wena Parry recently told the BBC in Wales that she is being treated unfairly and discriminated against by her car insurance provider, Age UK Insurance, simply because of her religious faith.

Parry has placed custom-made stickers on her car that proclaim “Christ is my Lord,” and other similar phrases expressing her faith in the Gospel.

“Every opportunity I have I want to tell people about Jesus,” she said.

“I reckon there must at least a million people who have read the texts on my car and no one has had a problem with it before,” she added. “There might be somebody within that company that hates Christianity.”

Christian stickers on car

However, Age UK Insurance recently told the 76-year old pastor that they never would have insured her vehicle if they had been made aware of the statement she was making with her stickers (H/T Right Wing News).

Christian stickers on car 2

The company only became aware of the stickers after Parry filed a claim for damages suffered at the hands of thieves.  She sent in pictures of the damage that also clearly showed the stickers.

The insurers promptly informed Parry that she had 10 days to remove the stickers, or else “the policy may be declared void.”

The letter from the insurance company went on to declare, “These modifications do not fit our acceptance criteria for motor insurance,” and, “Cover would have been declined if we had been made aware of these at the time of purchasing your policy.”

For their part, the insurance company claims religion had nothing to do with their decision to threaten to drop the coverage of the pastor’s vehicle, and Parry has already found another insurance company that was more than happy to take her business, Christian stickers and all.

In reality, this comes down to one of two things: Perhaps the insurance company is bowing to the will of the growing Muslim population in the U.K. and is seeking to avoid offending them in any way.

Or, what is more likely the case, this comes down to the simple economics of risk calculation.

Insurance companies don’t like paying out claims, and they may be making the calculated decision that Parry’s stickers increase the chance that her vehicle will be damaged by angry offended Muslims, putting her into a “high-risk” category.

Whatever the insurance companies reasoning may be, they have certainly lost Rev. Parry’s business.

The fact that she has gone public with what the company did to her only means that more Christians will likely drop their policies with the same company now that they know exactly how they feel about Christians expressing their faith.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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