Intelligent Black Guy DESTROYS Liberals ‘They’re Just Pimping Us!’ (VIDEO)

Liberals would like you to believe that they’re the Party that cares about minorities, and for the past century, they’ve voted as such. But minorities voting for Democrats in the belief that they’ll fight for them have been mislead.

Historically, it’s the Republican Party that’s been on the side of minorities, especially Blacks. Do I really need to remind anyone what Party ended slavery? Even as late as the 1960s, a larger percentage of Republicans in Congress voted to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act than Democrats.

And today they’re no better. Can anyone actually name a single good thing that Democrats have done for the Black community? All you have to do is look at any inner-city to see the failures of liberal policies in action.

While the media has pushed the narrative that Donald Trump isn’t going to receive any of the black vote, they’re saying that banking on the public believing their repeated claims of Trump’s supposed racism. Not all are thinking that way, as one video that appeared on Twitter goes to show. The man in it begins by stating: “Hillary Clinton has absolutely no solutions. She wouldn’t even be in this race if the media wasn’t insulating her. We planned for that contingency – we know they were going to be biased. They don’t want solutions. They don’t want to protect America. They don’t want to protect the border, they don’t want that. Because then they can continue to pimp and milk the taxpayers.”

You can listen to it in full below, and see for yourself why it’s going viral.

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