INTERACTIVE MAP: Where Human Smuggler Barack Obama Is Sending His Illegals


The Obama admin’s illegal human smuggling ring has been explosive for the cartels, and they are raking in the bucks since coyote Obama has expedited the process of moving minors and adults deep into the heartland of America. By the bus and van load they are just dropped off and set free, see the video of this happening in Tucson 

This is simple supply and demand and tatthere is an endless supply of humans who need to be moved since the illegal alien backlog has bee fixed; why cant they do this for veterans?

Sign this petition asking your members of Congress to FIGHT the illegal smuggling by this administration.  

Below is a map where this administration is smuggling humans and when you click the location it will tell you whats going on.


View Relocations of Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors in a larger map


Before the great American smuggling operation began this year, President Obama started with releasing criminals, such as child molesters and murders. Here’s the stats by the numbers for 2013


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