INVASION: Situation at Austria’s borders out of control


From Pam Gellar: The invasion is round the clock now.

5000 refugees at the borders in Passau – Buses arrive at night

Passau. The inflow of refugees at the Austrian-German border has not stopped even during the night. In Wegscheid and the border crossing Achleiten-Passau alone about 5000 refugees arrived, a spokesman of the Federal Police said. Especially in the early evening the number of buses that transported the refugees from Austria to the border increased again. For hours, most of the refugees had to wait in the dark, damp and cold to be transported to germany.

Politically Incorrect has this:

Title: Situation at Austria’s borders out of control

Full text:
Basically, Austria has lost its sovereignty some time ago. Idealess and powerless, those responsible seem to have fallen into some kind of catatonia. And although roundabout 700 soldiers of the Austrian Armed Forces were ordered to the border, the invaders can de facto penetrate into the country, the land seizure is just observed.

They only act like as if there was something like protection for the shocked population, which sees their houses being passed daily by an invasion troop.

Once the illegals are in the country, they demand. The offered food is not enough and doesn’t taste good enough, the comfortable shuttle service to “Germoney” is not organized as good as it should be. After a long journey you have some legitimate claims. Especially in Germany, which has has invited, after all.

Meanwhile, there are helplessly contradictory statements from governmental sources. While chancellor Werner Faymann (SPÖ party) and vice-chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner (ÖVP party), referring to “technical border safety”, explained it wouldn’t be about a fence for closing the border, the Minister of the Interior objected in a taping of the Ö1-Morgenmagazin (TV show) “of course it is also about a fence”.

On the border to germany in Passau, a similar situation — unorganized helplessness. The Austrian officers inactively watched thousands surging the border. Finally a German officer-in-charge exasperatedly blared from a loudspeaker from the German side in the direction of his colleagues of the neighbouring country: “I kindly ask you to bring the immigrating to the sidewalks.”

At the same time, blame is assigned to each other. Austria accused germany of currently taking over too few of the illegals. After a recommended “asylum brake” from Berlin, only 4,500 people are allowed to travel to Germany each day. “We are at our limit”, Johanna Mikl-Leitner explained. The Austrian Minister of the Interior says that one has to expect violence at all times and the police would have to respond with countermeasures.

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