BREAKING: Investigators Make DISTURBING Discovery Facebook Killer Left Behind Right Before Finding Him

Investigators Just Made Shocking Find The Facebook Killer Left Behind As They Close In On His Hiding Spot

The nationwide manhunt for Facebook live killer Steve Stephens entered its third day today and just came to an end moments ago. Investigators worked around the clock to apprehend this man who shot an elderly pedestrian in Cleveland, Ohio for no apparent reason and live-streamed the murder on social media. As they closed in on this killer’s whereabouts, they just uncovered what he left behind that suggests something extra sick about what else he’s been up to and why he went on this killing rampage.

It’s only a matter of time before the liberal media exonerates Stephens for killing 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr using the excuse of mental illness for why he did what he did. In their attempt to perpetuated a narrative now more than ever, they will ignore the facts about who this man really is and why he was able to so casually kill a stranger in broad daylight and for all to see on Sunday.

Cops caught up with Stephens today and gave chase that came to an end when the Facebook Live killer shot himself to avoid arrest. He died of the self-inflicted gunshot wound on the scene, Local 10 reported. Now, new information about who he is has started to come out and the mainstream media is strangely silent on these really disturbing details.

Initial reports claimed that Stephens went on a murderous rampage in response to his girlfriend of three years having broken up with him. More details have come out about his recent past that paints a pretty disgusting picture and potentially led him to the hiding spot outside Erie, PA.

Fox News reports Stephens had mounting financial trouble and was currently facing “numerous evictions in Ohio and bankruptcy.” He had reportedly been recently kicked out from an apartment in Euclid after being evicted five months earlier from another residence which he failed to pay rent on. There was also something else he was caught doing in his apartments that add to his issues as well as a strange habit he had.

Stephens neighbors are now speaking out about what else they said they saw him doing, referring to him as a “‘slimy’ local loser who used a pet python to try and lure women,” The Sun reports. It was allegedly his “party trick” to win over the girls, which didn’t seem to work for him as a teenager or later as an adult when he tried to come on to other women at the casino he frequented, who wanted nothing to do with him.

A former next door neighbor, 34-year-old Alexis, told the Daily Mail that she was surprised to hear he used the breakup as an excuse to kill a man, considering how he would frequently flirt with her. “I saw him at the casino a couple of times and he would remind me that he always had a crush on me,” she explained. “One he asked me to sit next to him at the tables saying ‘Be my queen… be my lucky charm’. But I wasn’t interested. I just went home.” Another neighbor had something worse to say about Stephens regarding what else he did with his pets.

Tony Henderson told the Daily Beast that “Stephens used to torture his pets – including his pet parakeet,” according to The Sun. “Steve slapped the bird as hard as he could with his other hand, and the bird was lying on the floor,” Henderson recalled. “The bird looked dead to me.”

His financial issues seemed to have been brought on by his love of gambling, leaving a trail of default on rent and bills behind as he now hides from authorities and the ramifications for all of his bad decisions. He created a life of poor choices that probably led to his girlfriend wanting to break up with him since what woman wants to be with a financially irresponsible man who flirts with other women. Blaming this on her was a cheap way out of taking responsibility for his own failures, which a grandfather on his way home from Easter brunch paid the price for.


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