Iowa Police Department Is ANGRY With Hillary For Classless Act…THIS WILL PISS YOU OFF!!

From Daily Caller

The Hillary Clinton campaign has stiffed two Iowa police departments which provided its police officers as extra security at campaign events.

According to Des Moines news station WHO, the Marshalltown police department has yet to be paid the $2,700 it billed the Clinton campaign for overtime it paid officers who worked events on Jan. 15 and Jan. 26.

“We have requested reimbursement from the Clinton campaign. We haven’t received that payment yet,” Marshalltown police chief Michael Tupper told WHO.

The campaign has also not made good on an $1,800 bill from the Des Moines police department. Officers there worked a Katy Perry concert in October.

While the Clinton campaign says it will pay the Des Moines bill once it receives an invoice, WHO obtained an invoice sent from city hall to the Clinton campaign’s Iowa operations on Nov. 19. Read More


From CT

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wants the average American to think she’s like them but at the end of the day, it’s pretty clear she lives by a different set of rules.

Case in point: Clinton has yet to pay two police departments in Iowa for services they provided her campaign.

The Des Moines Police Department provided services for Clinton at the Katy Perry concert last October. The Marshalltown Police Department provided services for Bill Clinton on Jan. 15 and the former secretary of state on Jan. 16.

Marshalltown police chief Michael Tupper, said the Clinton campaign owes the city about $2,700, and has paid nothing.

Tupper said the department doesn’t mind providing service for such events but added that the special services ultimately “distract us from the other duties of the day” and “we don’t have unlimited financial resources that can cover all these security requests.”

He added the money is coming out of the City of Marshalltown general fund, and the taxpayers of Marshalltown cover the expenses.


In the Internet age, it’s far more difficult to fool the public — but that doesn’t stop her from trying.

Republican candidate Donald Trump also held an event in Marshalltown on the same day as Clinton. The cost of the services provided by the police cost about $3,600, Tupper said. He also said Trump’s bill has been paid.

“In my 23-year career, the Trump campaign actually paying this large bill is the first time that`s happened,” said Tupper.

Tupper also said that Democratic rival Bernie Sanders made arrangements to pay the bill for services provided for his campaign up front.

Seems everybody knows how things operate in the real world except the Clintons.

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