Iran’s Ayatollah trolls US on how ‘ridiculous’ race relations are with black American president


From BizPac: Iranian supreme leader Ali Hosseini Khamenei used the weekend’s riots in Baltimore to bash the United States Sunday over race relations.

He sent a series of tweets attacking police for killing “innocent” black people and decrying the condition of African-Americans in the United States even though the president is black.

“Power & tyranny are different. In some countries like US, police are seemingly powerful but they kill innocents. #FreddieGray #RekiaBoyd,” he wrote in one tweet.

“On false pretexts US police shoots ppl on streets. This is a type of power which doesn’t ensure security but leads to insecurity. #MikeBrown,” he said in another.

The ayatollah apparently fancies himself an authority on the U.S. justice system too, tweeting “Acquittal of US cops who committed murder is among measures taken by statesmen who ignore humanity& religion. “

But perhaps his most ridiculous tweet was his last.

“Power with cruelty isn’t favored by #Islam. #Police should embody justice and mercy while being potent.”

Tell that to the gay people thrown off of roofs to their deaths.

Does Obama really think these are the people we should trust with a nuclear agreement?





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