The Iraqi Military Just had A Parade For America, And What They Did Will Send You INTO A RAGE!


America, we’ve got a problem. Yes, that problem is Obama, however that is not what I’m talking about right now.

Right now, I am talking about Iraq.

Iraq and the SICK stunt they just pulled off.

Their audacity is disgusting!



Yes, you heard that right. We have just helped them liberate Fallujah (AGAIN, BY THE WAY), and BOOM….there they go stomping away on the flag.


Not only are they stomping all over our flag, they are marching during a parade and celebrating while doing it!

You will soon see military and police who were photographed actually preparing the flags for the march by laying out both the American and Israeli flag along the route of the march. Followed by the same a-holes walking all over them.

Do they have a death wish? Wait, just kidding… Obama is still our President. Of course they don’t fear any kind of retaliation, they know the current American President is a full-fledged punk!

So naturally… they are punking him.

Check this out…

RIGHT, because walking over a flag is so much better than burning one?

Honestly though we can get as mad as we want about these ungrateful idiots stomping all over the flags, but are they really the ones to blame?

They don’t respect the U.S. and now days, does anyone?

Obama’s America gets around, and the word on the street is…. the America the world once knew, respected, or feared, is gone.

In HIS America, criminals are victims, and the police are the bad guys. Men have morphed into women and women into men…and,

Not to mention, the leader of the “free world” is deathly afraid of bad weather. In fact, he is pretty sure it’s going to kill us all.

Not terrorists that decapitate, rape or torture innocents…no they aren’t the enemy nor what Obama refers to as a “national security threat” …. It’s the DAMN weather.

Who voted this fool into office?

Wait… don’t answer that.

Let’s just do our best to make sure his female counter part does NOT get into office to carry on his anti-American ways. He may have turned America into a fun house where terrorists are welcome and nothing makes sense anymore.

But…Hillary? She will sell America’s soul to the devil….for a chocolate bar.

Just kidding, she wouldn’t sell it to the devil, she is the devil.

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