High Court Just Caught Up With Obama And Hit Him HARD! We Waited 8 Years For This!

It appears that President Obama not only has enemies within our own walls but he has enemies overseas as well, and not in the Middle East. His enemies are over the Atlantic, a country that is supposed to be our ally. The Irish Parliament recently spoke out against the outgoing President. And it was not pretty.

Parliament member Clare Daly said that President Obama is going after the hypocrite of the century award. She detailed how the mainstream liberal media and Hollywood elites fawn over the White House residents and that the media places an undue amount of attention on their personal lives and their vacations.

She continued on to say that by any type of examination President Obama is a war criminal. Referencing Obama’s decision to supply arms to the Syrian opposition which she alleged includes jihadists that are fueling the destabilization of the Syrian region. Going on, she maintained that President Obama is undermining secularism.

Then, she started discussing President Obama’s liberal use of drones which has led to the deaths of thousands of innocent women and children. When she compared the Irish parliament to pimps for the prostitute of America all the members began to get louder and louder in disagreement.

She is not the first foreign dignitary or politician who has spoken out against President Obama or the United States. A while back there was a viral video of a British or Scottish politician who was speaking out against President Obama’s policies as well. It is not just Americans who are displeased with the outgoing President and the legacy he has left and continues to try and leave.

Fortunately, that will be changing within the next month and within the next 100 days after that.

Watch her entire speech that is going viral to see why some people are loving it.

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