IRONY! New Black Panther Leader Gets ROBBED- Calls The Cops…


This is hilarious, so sit back and hold onto your drink or your hot Cheetos.

A black man who is a racist cop hating Black Panther idiot was just robbed by a black guy at gun point. Even better, the racist dope who hates cops was forced to call the cops for help.

The robber took everything he had except for his cell phone that he used to call the police. Luckily for the racist dolt, the cops actually found the robber hiding in a dumpster.

This is great, right?

stupid guy

Right Wing News – “I was approached by a young black male who just came up to me and said, ‘Give me your earrings and your backpack,’” Muhammad told Fox 32, “He took everything I had. At the time, he didn’t take my cell phone, and that’s what made me call 911.”

Forced to call for help from the one group most controversial to the black community, Muhammad waited for police to get there. When local law enforcement arrived, they did exactly what most of us would expect — their job. The
officers assisted the robbery victims and wasted no time in tracking down Robertson hiding in a dumpster. Robertson was arrested and charged with armed robbery, possession of a firearm, and possession of drugs.

A black racist guy who hates cops gets robbed by another black guy, has to call the cops, and then the cops find the robber hiding in a dumpster.

This literally can’t be made up.

The cops returned all of the race baiting cop hating guys things to the Black Panther guy. He got lucky. Not everyone who gets robbed gets their things back. He should thank an officer or two and stop hating cops so much.

Cops are helpful and don’t judge people by color or beliefs.

Cops aren’t the problem. We’re the problem. People who think they can break the law or disobey direct orders from the police we trust to do the right thing.

We’re the problem.

Also, that guy who robs people and hides in dumpsters is a problem. That’s just nasty like the water at the Rio Olympics.


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