Is this what you call Religion of Peace? – Two Muslim Teenage Girls: ‘We came to kill Jews…”

From Louder with Crowder

Another day, another act of Muslim violence. Today’s lineup consists of two Arab tweens set out to relieve some stress by engaging in a favorite pastime. No, not a Justin Bieber concert. Guess again. Try assaulting the infidels. ISIS must be so proud that their kiddie program has been paying off (ISIS Arms Babies For Propoganda). Yep, while your teens are busy spending way too much time on Facebook, these tweens are out to stab the Jews:

Two 13-year-old girls stabbed an Israeli security guard near the central bus station in Ramla on Thursday. During the course of their interrogation, one of the girls declared, “We came to kill Jews.”

Obviously. At thirteen, who doesn’t look at a kitchen knife and think, “You know what I totally want to do today? Slice me some Jews.” Hey, stop being a racist by “judging” them. These girls are simply embracing all the wonderful benefits of being a Muslim woman. Well, other than subservience. Or stonings. But the day is still young.

Ramla’s mayor insists the city has a wealth of both Arab and Jewish citizens who usually coexist peacefully. Except for those times when Islamic underlings are stabbing regular folk. But beside that, it’s like a Buddhist temple.

Ramla is a multicultural city where Jews live alongside Arabs in coexistence and good neighborly relations. We will continue to maintain good neighborly relations regardless of sector. The school system has been instructed to initiate dialogue on the issue in schools.

Remember kids, say no to drugs AND terrorizing non-Muslims! Unless you’re Muslim, then please, we cannot judge you. You’ve been through so much. We need to “understand” why you want to carve the Jews. It’s probably Israel’s fault. How dare they exist.

Extremist indoctrination is so heavy that even the supposed ‘neutral’ zones have to teach the youth not to murder. Children involved in Islamic acts of terror keep popping up like gays at an AIDS clinic. Except without the fashion sense.

These are no longer just fringe groups we’re talking about, not when thirteen year old girls are getting their violence game on. Groups like ISIS rely on the normies not to expect women and children to be in their dangerous employ. Leftists throw fuel on the fire by patronizing anybody “intolerant” or “bigoted” enough to point out the connection between them (read Dear Liberals: Your Hypocrisy on Islam is Most Staggering of All…).

Even after events like this, the left can’t wrap their heads around just why Muslims are being “targeted” and blamed for violence or terrorism (read Obama Vists Mosque, Lectures Americans About Hate). But they’re not afraid to lump the terrorism of Islam in with Christians or Jews. Look, Islam is dangerous. It’s even dangerous to their own children. Like these two girls, who’ve been enveloped in a tyrannical system that demands conversion or death.

Don’t believe us? Hear it for yourself below.

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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