ISIS BBQ: Suicide Bomber Fails When Christian Fighters Greet Him With an RPG


From Breitbart

A newly released video captured Kurdish freedom fighters blowing up an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) suicide bomber, who was attempting to drive a Ford pickup truck carrying a ton of TNT across the Kurdish frontline near Mosul in northern Iraq.

As the jihadist raced toward the Peshmerga frontline, a soldier with a rocket launcher managed to hit the vehicle on the third or fourth try, detonating the explosives carried on board. The video, posted by Kurdistan News, shows the suicide bomber on the horizon speeding across the screen from left to right as a narrator cries out to his colleagues to take him out.

In the video, the narrator, presumably a Kurdish freedom fighter, can be heard anxiously urging his comrades, “It’s coming closer and closer. Come on. Hurry and hit it. Hit it.”

The soldier fires two or three rockets that miss their target before hitting the explosive-laden pickup, sending it up in smoke and flames, after which the narrator whoops with joy.

The video was posted online on Christmas Eve, when the incident is believed to have taken place.

The use of cars packed with explosives is a tactic often employed by the Islamic State in its offensives.

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