More Islamic child abuse — baby monsters.

(Pamela Gellar) “Islamic State jihadist boasts of kindergarten terror squad, complains of eating cats and dogs”

A MELBOURNE jihadist is gloating about the Islamic State’s brainwashing of preschool age children.

Mounir Raad plastered a sick picture of two boys with their faces covered, brandishing automatic weapons ­almost bigger than themselves, on social media.

But Raad whinged to followers that all he had to eat was a packet of pot noodles, and that fighters in the extremist-controlled area were forced   to   eat   dogs  and  cats.

The shocking propaganda image of the children first appeared on the Twitter account of another extremist. “There is no life without jihad! Daulatul islam Baqiyyah! (The Islamic State will endure),” he tweeted as the caption.

mounir raad
Mounir Raad, who claims to be in Syria and is believed to be with the Islamic State, in a photo posted on his Facebook page on February 23, 2014.

Monash University Global Terrorism Research Centre director Professor Greg Barton said it was almost seen as “a badge of honour” if an extremist’s children followed their beliefs.

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