ISIS claims American Muslim carried out suicide bomb attack in Iraq


Islamophobia? It’s islamorealism, we hear about it daily and its no secret. 

(Pam Gellar) Many Muslims from the US have gone to wage jihad in Syria and Iraq. They will return trainedand battle hardened, and will stage jihad attacks here. Obama and his administration never address that.

It is not surprising at all that Muslims in the West would express support for the Islamic state. The idea of a caliphate transcending national allegiance goes back to the beginning of Islamic history. Western analysts are surprised by this because they have discounted Islamic theology as a motivating factor for jihadis, and don’t understand the implications of the jihadis’ attachment to Islam.

If the Islamic state is not Islamic, what is it? How did this misunderstanding of Islam become so widespread? Why are so many Muslims are joining the Islamic State? And while Muslims in the US condemn the Islamic State, where are they teaching against the ideology that gave rise to it?

Right now, nothing is being done to stop jihad recruiting in US mosques, even as several hundred young Muslims from the US have gone to wage jihad for the Islamic state.

Abu Daood Al-Amriki

ISIS claims American carried out suicide bomb attack in Iraq, FOX6 News, March 6, 2015
(CNN) — A suicide bomb attack in Iraq this week was carried out by an American jihadist, ISIS claims.

The terrorist group released a photograph on Tuesday of a masked fighter it identified as Abu Daood Al-Amriki, an alleged American jihadist who committed the suicide attack.

The claim grabbed headlines, but days later, neither CNN nor U.S. government officials have been able to confirm the identity of the attacker.

ISIS claims the attacker used an explosives-laden vehicle to mount an attack in Samarra, Iraq.

Two senior Iraqi security officials confirmed that an attack matching the description did take place — that a suicide attacker rammed a vehicle packed with explosives into a convoy of Iraqi forces.

At least three Iraqi security forces were killed in the attack, the sources said.

But ISIS has not released the birth name of the alleged American suicide bomber, or shown his face. U.S. officials tell CNN that for the moment there is nothing to corroborate the claim.

—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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