ISIS Flag Waving Terrorist Who Threatened To Bomb Chicago Gets Released From Jail


Last August, Emad Karakrah was arrested after a high-speed chase and making bomb threats.

According to WGN, when Karakrah was finally arrested, a police officer testified that he was waving a Palestinian flag with the letters “ISIS” on them. Other reports also indicate that Karakrah was waving the black and white flag of isis.

After a series of delays, Judicial Watch reports that Karakrah reached a plea deal and was released from jail:

The narco-terror ringleader who planned the 2009 bombing of Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago studios and the iconic Sears Tower has been released from jail, his newfound freedom facilitated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Emad Karakrah was incarcerated in Cook County Jail since taking police on a high-speed chase through Chicago streets in late August and threatening to blow up his car. An Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) flag waved from the vehicle and Karakrah got charged with making a false car bomb threat. But on January 7, 2015 Karakrah reached a plea deal in Cook County Court and was released from prison.

[…]Judicial Watch covered Karakrah’s January plea hearing before Judge Evelyn B. Clay and has obtained the official court transcript. Conspicuously absent from the official record is the presence of what appeared to be an FBI agent who waved and nodded to Karakrah during the proceeding. A white male in his 40s with short brown hair and an official identification badge hanging from his neck, the agent spoke to the county prosecutor handling Karakrah’s case.

Here’s some more details about the deal from a Chicago Sun-Times reporter:


As IJ Review has reported in October, Karakrah is an alleged narco-terrorist logistics expert, and a former FBI informant who broke contact with his handlers. Karakrah is alleged to have moved explosives, material, and people between terrorist sleeper cells all over the U.S.

—Courtesy of IJ Review

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