ISIS leader who murdered James Foley believed to be ‘British’ extremist

British jihadist

Intelligence agencies in the UK and the United States are conducting a global manhunt for a London man nicknamed ‘Jihadist John’.  John, the leader of terrorist group who specializes in hostage taking, was shown this week in a brutal video beheading US photojournalist, James Foley.

Shiraz Maher, of the International Center for the Study of radicalization at King’s College, London states that the beheading of James Foley at the hands of British ISIS militants indicates they are no longer just foot soldiers in the ISIS army but have developed into important players within the terrorist organization. British jihadists have steadily spread throughout Syria and Iraq in recent years.

Mr Maher said: “We have seen British fighters out there operating as suicide bombers, we have seen them operating as executioners. Unfortunately they are amongst some of the most vicious and vociferous fighters who are out there. That is unfortunately just a part of their radicalization.”


Is a former US Army Officer and graduated from Baylor with a degree in law.

SOURCEThe Telegraph