ISIS Special Forces Video Meant To Make U.S. Tremble, REAL Soldiers Respond (VIDEO)


From Mad World: A video that was recently released by ISIS hasn’t quite had the impact on the American people that they had originally desired. Hoping that it would make American tremble in fear, the clip was actually responsible for the exact opposite.

Displaying their usual recruitment efforts, ISIS has released yet another video attempting to paint the Islamic savages as fearsome heroes able to take out the most elite of soldiers. Seen conducting amphibious attacks, lifting iron, and participating in mock hand-to-hand combat scenarios, the terrorist organization’s intent is rather clear – make fighting look as cool as possible.

In a time of glamorous action heroes and flashy badasses, ISIS is trying to say to those susceptible of such foolery that they could be one too, if they just join the fight. As for anyone with a bit of common sense – or even better yet, actual combat training – the video results in a different reaction.

James Dever, a retired sergeant major of the Marines Corps and military advisor, said, “Just looking at the way they moved, the way they held their weapons, made me laugh, but I’m not a young person who knows nothing about skilled combat.”

Voactiv further reports, “For those less accustomed to the subtleties of tactical training, the five-minute film, filled with pulsing music and dramatic slow-motion sequences, can be seductive.” As for ISIS’ target audience, it appears to do everything it’s intended to do. Now, when it comes to scaring real soldiers with their fighting capabilities – well, not so much.

ISIS Special Forces Meant To Make U.S. Tremble, Here’s How REAL Soldiers Reacted

To someone who may idolize the terrorist organization, they see brave militants kicking down the door to an enemy outpost and tossing in a grenade before going in guns blazing. Another instance involves attempted stealth as ISIS members emerge from the water and approach “enemies” from behind before slitting their throats.

ISIS Special Forces Meant To Make U.S. Tremble, Here’s How REAL Soldiers Reacted

However, for those that have the slightest bit of common sense, it appears that ISIS has been watching too many bad movies. Rick Nelson, an associate with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, goes on to state, “The quality of training appears very rudimentary and just hokey in some parts. You must have an element of surprise. Nothing in the video shows a particular ability of attacking in a clandestine or covert matter.”

Unfortunately, the video is expected to be responsible for naïve minds joining the fight. “ISIS continues to produce engaging content,” he concluded. “Their media arm remains immensely effective.”

There’s no doubt that ISIS is doing everything they can to persuade people into joining their bloodlust-filled jihad, and it’s even worse that they’re successful. It’s time the world leaders do what is necessary and wipe these scumbags from the planet before the threat of ISIS becomes an uncontainable threat.

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