Security Officials Are FRANTIC After ISIS Terrorist Spotted With This On Video At Inauguration!

The violent anti-Trump protests may have unveiled a secret hidden threat to the security of the United States of America.

The photograph below is of a masked man standing outside of a bar and showing the customers pictures of an ISIS flag. It’s also stated that he later showed videos of an ISIS beheading.

This is a form of intimidation and should be investigated. If this is a red flag, then we want to make sure it’s taken care of. If this is just some random guy goofing around, then it also needs to be dealt with because threats utilizing terrorist propaganda should be taken seriously.

Anytime there’s a terrorism-related threat, mention, or anything relative – then it should be adhered to as if it’s a legitimate threat. We want to make sure we don’t label something as a false flag or nonsense activity, then have it turn into a 9/11 level catastrophe.

If this man beheads someone in an alley after the bar closed, then people would be singing a different tune today. While he may or may not be a threat, it still needs to be investigated and there should be some form of intimidation charges or hate crimes delegated to the man.


Images taken during the violent unrest in Washington DC this week show an anti-Trump Antifa protester displaying a photo of an ISIS flag and an ISIS beheading video on his phone to intimidate Trump supporters.

The individual who took the photos of the protester sent them to Infowars. He said he was inside the Proper 21 sports bar in northwest Washington on Thursday night when the protester approached the glass window.

Trump supporters are also seen discussing in this video at the 1-hour mark how “one guy was showing us an ISIS video”.

The fact that social justice warriors are now using ISIS propaganda in an effort to intimidate their political adversaries is interesting given that ISIS has written in its own manifesto of plans to recruit members of the far-left since both groups broadly share the same goals.

Here’s a closer look at what was on the man’s phone.


This looks like a real ISIS flag, so authorities should be notified and proper investigations should take place.

If you don’t take threats seriously, then you see videos like this sprout up on YouTube and other websites.

This flag on the man’s phone is not to be confused with the gay pride flag that CNN mistakenly called an ISIS flag. As you can tell by the video below, CNN was posting fake news before “fake news” became a trend. This video is from 2015.

Hopefully the man showing the real ISIS flag is taken care of.

And to CNN, the fake news network…

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