ISIS Terrorist Just Walked Out of Prison, You Won’t Believe How He Did It! Should Someone Be FIRED Over This?

Last week London suffered a devastating terrorist attack that killed 5 people and injured 50. After such a terrible event you would think that liberals in the U.S. government would want a stronger vetting process. However, that has not happened and I am not if it ever will. That was perfectly demonstrated in Arizona when an Islamic radical accused of plotting a “lone wolf” attack in Phoenix was let out of jail after posting bond.

Yep, you read that correctly.

Derrick Thompson, aka Abu Talib al-Amriki, plead not guilty to charges of assisting a criminal syndicate, (which means ISIS) attempting to commit misconduct involving weapons and inciting or inducing a criminal syndicate in January.

This little “darling” posted his $75,000 bond and walked out of jail with an ankle bracelet on March 14. Is anyone else sensing that was a really bad idea?

If you do feel that this was not the smartest move, just wait till you hear the rest. Back in 2015, this “peaceful” Muslim attempted to purchase a weapon online. Thankfully, the purchase did not go through.

A statement filed in court stated that it was clear Thompson was attempting to buy a weapon “with the intent to use that weapon to promote or further the objectives” of the Islamic State.

The police did a search of Thompson’s online accounts, and what they discovered was terrifying. The police found that Thompson has been promoting ISIS for years and had posted this disturbing message on Google Plus.

“We need to get down with this ISIS sh*t.”

Court documents also labeled Thompson as an “avowed jihadist” and also did a searched “fatwa on killing civilians”. Yeah, he sounds like he is all full of love and peace. (sarcasm implied)

So, with all this evidence that obviously suggests Thompson is up to no good, why would they grant him bond? Most of these judges are now activists for the liberal cause and will stop at nothing to destroy this country. This man is an obvious threat to those around him and should be behind bars.

Hopefully, he will violate the terms of his bond soon and be put back in jail quickly.

H/T [ ABC 15 Arizona ]

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