(From Mad World News) While Obama continues to simply ignore ISIS in hopes they’ll go away, the reality is that ISIS continues to grow increasingly fast. Unfortunately for them, however, it seems they have a ways to go as their newly released propaganda video demonstrated their seriously devastating Kung-Fu moves.

Yes, you read that right.

As Vocative reports:

Apparently getting kicked in the chest, crawling under gunfire and taking part in Kung-Fu-style mock battles are all part of training for new ISIS recruits. Chilling at first, the video takes a turn for the bizarre during a Bruce-Lee-inspired sequence, complete with flying kicks and dramatic falls. The more routine and effective demonstrations include how to rescue compatriots on the battlefield, the basics of taking apart and reassembling an AK-47 and, most frightening of all, lessons on how to be a martyr.

It should be noted that seeing how the majority of battles between ISIS and American soldiers happen via firearms, these skills are about as worthless as they look. Who do you see winning in a fight – those properly trained in martial arts or those with firearms?

What ISIS Thinks Will Make U.S. Soldiers 'Shake in Their Boots' is LAUGHABLE

We’ll take bullets for $800, Alex.

As seen in the video, a man in martial arts attire, training several recruits, is wearing a yellow belt. After doing a bit of research, it was distinguished that a yellow belt is only one level up from the lowest ranking of martial arts belts (white) indicative that the teacher probably doesn’t know all that much more than those being trained regarding Kung-fu — yet another reason our boys are most likely safe.

What ISIS Thinks Will Make U.S. Soldiers 'Shake in Their Boots' is LAUGHABLE

Let us know what you thought of this ridiculous video that was made to intimidate American soldiers.

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