Woman On School Board Asks Muslim Refugee 1 Question: Then All HELL Breaks Loose!

Here is another great example of WHY you need to be professional on your personal facebook profile. Because people get nosy and then they get whiny! The news report says the “Muslim organizations” are very concerned about a Facebook post shared by School Board Chairwoman Christie New Craig. It’s a cartoon and it raise a very valid question:

“Muslims hate pork, beer, dogs, bikinis, Jesus, and freedom of speech. My question is, what the hell do they come to America for?!”
I guess I am curious about that myself, often. M’hammed Abdous, president of the Muslim Community of Tidewater, who has NO children within the school district had heard about the comic from a Chesapeake resident and said, “I found it saddening and disappointing that kind of language came from someone involved in educating children,” It’s JUST a cartoon.

Craig gave a clever response to the complaint pointing out that she had not commented on the post or endorse it in any way. “I did not post that maliciously,” she said last week while claiming to not hate any racial groups or religions. “I’m not racist. I wasn’t raised that way.I share a lot of stuff, a lot of jokes and whether I support it or not, I share stuff,” she added in a phone interview with WAVY News. “[It] doesn’t mean I agree with it. It does mean I have a right to expression and free speech.”

Abdous demanded an apology which he’ll likely get since it wasn’t that big of deal to Mrs. Craig. The irony of it all is part of the cartoon said that Muslims hate freedom of speech. ROFLMAO yeah it’s really funny that this guy is upset that Mrs. Craig gets to post whatever she wants on her FB page.



HT: Danya Feltzin

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