ISLAMBERG: Disturbing Islamic Compound Discovered on American Soil

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The liberal media has insisted that anyone who is concerned about Islamic law taking over in the United States is “racist” or paranoid. Now, new information reveals that the idea isn’t as far-fetched as Democrats would like you to believe.

Recently, Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Josh Owens were just interrogated by New York Police after they started investigating Islamberg, a Muslim community in America that is rumored to be a terrorism compound.

The town is harbored in Tompkins, Delaware County. Biggs and Owens arrived there unexpectedly after they heard rumors of the growing attraction for jihadists. They wanted to investigated reports of “unusual sounds of gunfire and explosions…emanating from the compound.”

The two reporters were quickly interrogated. They were told by security guards that they would not be allowed to enter the town until they had verified their credentials.

Biggs provided the guards with his phone number, and not long after received a call from the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Owens also received a call, although he had not provided his number.


From IW

Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Josh Owens were quizzed by the New York Police/FBI Terror Task Force for investigating Islamberg, the small Muslim community that some have claimed is a terror compound.

Biggs and Owens arrived at Islamberg, a small hamlet in the town of Tompkins, Delaware County, to look into reports that the area is a staging ground for jihadist training after eyewitnesses reported hearing, “unusual sounds of gunfire and explosions….emanating from the compound.”

After approaching security guards at the perimeter of the hamlet, Biggs and Owens were told that they would not be allowed to enter until their credentials had been vetted.

Biggs gave the guards his phone number but subsequently received a call from the Joint Terrorism Task Force asking why the journalists were investigating the village.

Shortly after, Owens also received a call from the task force despite the fact that he had not given out his phone number to anyone.

When Owens asked how the JTTF got his number, officials told him they couldn’t say but that they knew he had visited Islamberg.

Last month, Biggs, along with Infowars reporters Paul Joseph Watson and Michael Zimmerman, were chased out of Molenbeek Belgium, the Muslim no-go zone labeled the “jihadist capital of Europe” that served as a base for several of the individuals involved in the Paris massacre.

Biggs made it clear in a video that his intentions were merely to tell the truth about Islamberg and ascertain whether the hamlet was a “no-go zone” or whether it was just a peaceful Muslim community.

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