Islamic Infiltration Of Law Enforcement Is Underway, Look What Was Spotted On These Police Cars!

Forget the creeping Islamification of America – Canada has it much worse.

Their new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the epitome of a Social Justice Warrior. He thinks it’s offensive to call honor killings “barbaric” (yes really), and thinks that “if you kill your enemies, they win” (again; yes, really).

Oh, and did I mention that he said Canada wouldn’t go to war with ISIS even if they were attacked? That’s whose leading their country. With that established, it’s hardly a surprise that MadWorldNews reported that Arabic writing is popping up on the nation’s police cars.

When civilians noticed something strange on a local patrol car, they assumed that maybe someone had tampered with the vehicle’s paint job. However, after they called the police station, they realized that it wasn’t an isolated incident and that Islam has infiltrated law enforcement in a sinister way.



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The Arabic symbols spell out the word “police,” which isn’t sinister in itself. However, considering that the Arab population in London, Ontario, is one of the smallest minorities, locals have begun questioning the motives behind such a change.

Pamela Geller explains that London, Ontario, boasts at least 7 groups with alternate languages that are larger than the 2.6 percent of Arabs. In order of largest to smallest, they are: 11.5 percent in the city are German, 10.1 are French, 6.2 percent are Dutch, 4.7 percent are Italian, 4.4 percent are Polish, 2.8 percent are Portuguese, and 2.7 percent are Latin American. So, why the changes to cater to the Muslim minority?

A valid question – one which liberals will undoubtedly denounce as racist.

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