The same chemical weapons that were used against American soldiers in Iraq are now being used against Iraqi soldiers.

From BasNews: Iraqi Member of Parliament Ali al-Bredi has claimed that Islamic State (IS) militants are using Chlorine gas against Iraqi soldiers in Fallujah.

In a press conference on Monday, al-Bredi revealed that IS have killed 300 Iraqi soldiers with chlorine gas.

He said that the militants deployed the gas in the Siqiliya area located of northern Fallujah, a city in Anbar province, about 70 km from the capital of Iraq, Baghdad.

“Responsibility for this lies with Iraqi PM Haidar Abadi and the commander of the forces in Anbar as they failed to rescue the  soldiers,” said al-Bredi.

Expanding on the circumstances surrounding the attack, al-Bredi said, “After the insurgents surrounded the Iraqi soldiers, they used chlorine gas to suffocate them before detonating a car bomb, resulting in the death of 300 out of 400 soldiers.”

Al-Bredi also said that before the crime was committed, the soldiers asked for an urgent rescue mission, but were ignored.

Furthermore, on Sunday, US Secretary of State John Kerry also reiterated US concern over the use of chlorine gas against civilians in Syria and warned President Bashar al-Assad’s regime that it would be held to account.

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