From CainTV: These guys have money, and I guess they also have access to some pretty skilled video production people. It’s sheer propaganda and nothing more, but this “trailer” from ISIS certainly shows us is that these monsters are not backing down in any way:

Notice anything about this? ISIS includes Obama’s statement about not sending U.S. troops to engage in combat in Iraq. Why do you suppose they did that? It’s obvious, isn’t it? They want to remind everyone of Obama’s statement demonstrating his own lack of resolve. That’s the part of Obama’s recent speech that got their attention, and they don’t want anyone to forget it.

In fact, they want to encourage Obama to stick to his word. That’s why they show images of American troops being blown to smithereens. They want the public to affirm Obama’s thinking that we’re better off not fighting ISIS at all than really fighting to win.

It’s psychological warfare. They fight it with videos of beheadings, and they fight it with material like this. What are we fighting with? Air power and the ground troops of nations we hope we can arm-twist into doing the fighting for us? I hope Obama gets serious about this before it’s too late to stop these monsters.

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