Earlier this year, American journalist James Foley was beheaded as part of a propaganda video by the largest group of terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

This beheading sparked a new urgency in Americans to confront the terror group, which calls itself the Islamic State, and led to President Barack Obama finally announcing airstrikes on the terror army.

Later, it was made public that Obama had sent a rescue mission to retrieve Foley, but that mission had failed because Foley had been moved just prior to the mission’s occurrence, which was sickeningly delayed by Obama being busy on the golf course.

It was also discovered that Obama’s administration leaned heavily on Foley’s family and prevented them from paying a ransom for Foley’s release, forcing them to go along with the U.S. government’s stated policy of never paying terrorist ransoms.

Unless the prisoner is a suspected deserter that has converted to Islam and sworn jihad against America, then paying a ransom and doing an illegal prisoner swap is okay, apparently.

As if that isn’t enough of an “embarrassment” and thoroughly disgraceful, The Washington Times is now reporting that the Islamic State still has the body of James Foley, and is auctioning it off for $1 million.

Anonymous sources with ties to the Islamic State say that they are willing to transport the body to Turkey, and will also provide a DNA sample to ensure recipients that they are in fact receiving the body of Foley, adding that this is just business.

“They ask for $1 million and they will send DNA to Turkey, but they want the money first,” he said. “They will not give the DNA without the money.”

The first question that needs to be answered is, why has Foley’s body not already been recovered by the United States?

It is one thing to refuse to pay ransom demands for hostages, as that encourages more hostage taking.

But does the same argument hold true for the bodies of already killed hostages? What happened to “we leave no American behind”?

This is just shameful on the part of Obama’s administration. The family of Foley must be furious at the administration for allowing Foley’s body to still be used as a propaganda and revenue-raising tool by the Islamic State.

The only bright spot remaining in this story, if one could call it that, is that the jihadist suspected of doing the beheading is thought to have been severely wounded in an airstrike, for whatever that is worth.

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