ISLAMIC TERROR: Akram Joudeh Used A Huge Meat Cleaver To HACK A Group Of NYPD Officers!

A Muslim with a history of violence was trying to break the boot away from the tire of his car.

That’s illegal.

Police confronted the Islamist and that’s when chaos ensued. The Islamist yanked a MEAT CLEAVER from the waistband of his pants and ran towards the officers.

Police shot him up with about 18 shots, but the terrorist f-ck was still alive and taken to a hospital. One officer was sliced from his jaw to further up his head and is receiving treatment.

Two other officers sustained minor injuries.


The Gothamist – The man who allegedly attacked an off-duty cop with an 11-inch meat cleaver before getting shot in midtown Manhattan yesterday was apparently upset about a parking boot placed on his car, setting off a rush-hour panic. The suspect, Akram Joudeh, 32, was shot by police officers, and at a subsequent press conference Police Commissioner Bill Bratton explained, “You have a character running down the street with a meat cleaver. The officer fired sufficient rounds to stop the attack.”

The NYPD said that around 5 p.m., two uniformed Midtown South officers were responding to a possible crime at West 31st Street and Broadway. Someone apparently had called about Joudeh removing a parking boot from his car.

The police did a great job apprehending the terrorist pos.

I’d like to know how that man survived a handful of shots. This must be the one time that cops were able to shoot someone in the leg. Imagine trying to shoot a suspect in the leg while you’re both running. It’s an insanely hard shot to manage.

If the suspect isn’t tagged and bagged at the hospital, then we will certainly see a hard sentence come down on him.

Unless it’s a liberal judge, then he’ll get probation… Because liberals just Love their radical Islamic terrorists. Scumbags.

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