PICTURES: Islamic terrorist group in Iraq commits mass murders of Iraqi citizens


The terrorist group ISIS is led by a prisoner that Obama released in 2009  according to Judge Jeanine from Fox News. This terrorist organization was allowed to flourish when President Obama withdrew all US troops from Iraq.

The terrorist group has released 60+ images on social media depicting mass murders of Iraqi military forces. Many of the Iraqi forces attempted to flee when their base was over run, but they caught hiding in civilian clothes, rounded up like pigs, and then sent to be slaughtered.

Iraq is on the verge of collapse and this was something that should not be happening. Our President has failed every US warrior who fought in Iraq and I’m truly sick for the families who lost a family member fighting to free Iraq, this is a worse case scenario and the President of the United States has not only created this problem, he’s enabling to become worse.

Scroll through pics below- Arrows are on the bottom of the pictures but difficult  to see due to the arabic writting

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