BREAKING: Radical Islamists Hit Trump With Savage Warning, His Response Is AWESOME! We Love It!

ISIS has met their match in Donald Trump: a man who, unlike Barack Obama, will actually refer to them what they are: radical Islamic terrorists. He’s correctly diagnosed the problem, and can thus actually fix it.

He’s promised to bomb ISIS into oblivion in the past, and confiscate all the oil they own. And that’s hardly the only thing he’s going to do that will piss off the Muslim world…

As Conservative 101 reported:

Jews and Christians across the world became enraged recently when American President Barack Hussein Obama sat idly by and watched as the United States Security Council passed a resolution, which Obama helped craft, which ceded important portions of Israel over to Muslim control.

These parts of Israel included three sacred Christian Holy Land sites, which will now be ruled by Muslims who don’t cherish these sites like we do. 45th President Donald Trump was furious at Obama’s under-the-radar anti-Crusade for Islam, and vowed to make major changes.

For one, Trump pledged to regain control over this region by moving the American Embassy in Israel from the city of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where it should logically be. This provoked an intense outcry from Radical Islamists.  Said Al-Aqsa imam and Supreme Muslim Council Head Sheikh Ekrima Sa’id Sabri in Arabic, “moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem is a statement and a declaration of war against Arabs and Muslims.” Continued Sabri in an attempt to rise all Muslims in the region up against the Jewish state of Israel and America, “We are used to saying Al-Aqsa is in danger, but now the danger is real! Recently, the occupation has added an additional hour for Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, without the agreement of the Waqf. This decision will add to the number of hours we are being attacked, and allow additional attackers on the Temple Mount.”

Trump just struck back at these Muslim extremists by doubling down on his promise to relocate the embassy to Jerusalem, and in fact has already begun his search for the appropriate site to build the embassy. Trump doesn’t buy the rhetoric that we have to be nice to Muslims so they won’t kill us. It’s brute strength that’s going to prevent that.

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