Israeli Olympian BRUTALLY Defeats Muslim In Judo, What The Muslim Did Next Had Everyone BOOING!

An Israeli Judo star defeated an Egyptian Muslim in a judo match, but the Muslim did something extremely distasteful and everyone booed.

In a typical Judo match, the opponents are required to bow as a sign of respect for the competitor. The Olympic Judo fighters also shake hands before a match as a sign of respect.


MAIL ONLINE – Defeated Egyptian judo fighter Islam El Shehaby was loudly booed when he refused to shake hands with his Israeli rival.

Or Sasson, ranked fifth in the world, defeated El Shehaby in the first round with about a minute and half remaining in the bout.

At the end of the fight the Egyptian refused to shake Sasson’s hand, in a major breach of judo etiquette.

Judo players typically bow or shake hands at the beginning and end of a match, as a sign of respect in the Japanese martial art.

Egyptian Muslims dislike Israelis and have been known to forfiet entirely against them. The Muslims don’t want to touch the Israelis and don’t want to recognize their existence.

But this is the Olympics and you can’t pull your whiny crybaby shenanigans in front of the entire world. Sure, you can hate the Israelis all you want. Go ahead. No one cares if you hate them.

But you do NOT disrespect the Olympics on national television, in front of crowds, in the biggest games of the world and think that it’s OK.

Sports competitions is the one place and time where people can put their hate aside and compete for a victory. The Olympics is the world stage and for a Muslim to disrespect the Olympics and his opponent like that is shameful.

Let’s not forget that it’s extremely lame for Muslims to cancel and purposely lose every event against the Israelis. That’s called backing out.

The Muslims don’t like the Israeli folks because they think the Israeli people are violent towards Muslims.

Well isn’t that hilarious. The entire planet thinks Muslims are violent towards everyone. I don’t know how many beheading videos and gang rapes of children and women need to happen to remind people about the violent subculture of barbaric Muslims.

But if I was playing basketball against a Muslim team, I wouldn’t quit just because I don’t like them. There’s a good chance the Muslim people I’m playing against aren’t the ones committing crimes anyway, so I shouldn’t take my anger out on an entire religion because of the acts of some.

Just like the Judo fighter probably isn’t one of the violent Israelis.

The Muslim fighter should have shaken hands and put out a good message for people.

Muslims have enough bad images about them.

To shake hands with a rival would’ve gotten them some respect in a good way. It’s a sign of progress to see a Muslim participate against an Israeli, but for crying out loud put your differences aside and have some fun with the Rio Olympics.

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