After Istanbul Massacre, Obama Admin Says BREXIT More Of A Threat Than ISIS!

CIA Director John Brennan spoke out this week about the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, saying this is the largest difficulty Europe has had to deal with recently. Above everything… meaning ISIS. Last time I checked islamic terrorism was the paramount problem facing the entire world. But I guess not in the minds of socialist progressives.

His comments happend after the terrorist attack at the international airport in Istanbul, Turkey where ISIS suicide bombers killed 42 people. On Wednesday at the Council on Foreign Relations he said,

Of all the crises the EU has faced in recent years, the UK vote to leave may well be it’s greatest challenge. Brexit is pushing the EU into a period of introspection that will pervade virtually everything the EU does in the coming weeks months and even years ahead.”

The Brexit vote decided that the United Kingdom would leave the European Union. Since Scotland and North Ireland voted to stay talks of independence are underway. The vote showed that 51.9% of British citizens were in favor of leaving. Making that 17.4 million people. While approximately 16.1 million British citizens opposed leaving the European Union.

President Obama’s CIA director is prioritizing the Brexit vote over the threat of radical Islamic terrorism that not only killed countless civilians in Turkey but dozens in Orlando, San Bernandino and more. I think the thousands of families effected by radical jihadism would care to differ with Mr. Brennan.

The Brexit vote hasn’t killed anyone. The Brexit vote hasn’t molested little girls in the name of Allah. The Brexit vote hasn’t murdered thousands of innocent people because they don’t subscribe to their faith. The Brexit vote hasn’t kidnapped and enslaved hundreds of women and children.

We can explain it to these nut job liberals but we can’t understand it for them too.


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