Istanbul Suicide bomber who killed 10 Germans had registered as a SYRIAN REFUGEE

Suicide Bomb Blast Kills Several In Istanbul Square

From WSJ

The Islamic State suicide bomber who killed 10 German tourists in the heart of Istanbul registered here as a Syrian refugee without setting off security alerts—even though his brother had blown himself up in Syria, Turkish officials said. The revelation highlighted concerns that extremists are using the migrant crisis to cross borders and carry out terrorist attacks.

Turkish officials identified the Istanbul bomber as Nabil Fadli, a Syrian born in 1988, who was fingerprinted in Turkey last week while registering as a refugee with immigration officials, but wasn’t on any watch list.

Muneef Taaei, a former Syrian opposition activist in the town where Mr. Fadli grew up, said Mr. Fadli was a regular foot soldier in Islamic State whose brother had blown himself up a few months ago in an attack on Syrian regime forces at an airport. Mr. Taaei, who now lives in Kuwait, said he had spoken to relatives, including Mr. Fadli’s cousin.

Graphic content / Emergency responders work beside victims at the site of a blast in Istanbul's Sultanahmet district, the city's main tourist hub, on January 12, 2016. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Turkish officials looking into Mr. Fadli’s background said they also learned Wednesday that his brother had been a suicide bomber at an airport in Syria.

Investigators matched Mr. Fadli’s fingerprints to those found Tuesday at the blast site, where 10 German tourists were killed and at least 11 other people were wounded. Five suspects have been arrested in connection with the attack, officials said without providing details.

The German tour group had gathered in a square near the picturesque Blue Mosque for a day of sightseeing when the man approached them and detonated his explosives. Nine other Germans were injured by the blast, but officials said they didn’t believe their nationality was a factor. Read More

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