Italy: 2 Syrian Refugee Muslims Claiming To Be Christian Converts Just Got ARRESTED.. … And You Won’t Believe Why!

From Conservative Post

Two brothers Karim e Shaahd El Kunani, were just arrested in Genova, Italy while trying to fly to London, UK.

The Italian secret service caught them with false passports and photos of terrorist weapons and war scenes on their phones.

Officers believe that they were sent by ISIS to “Test” the European Airport security.

The two brothers now in prison have testified that they are fleeing from Iran because they converted to Christianity and want to re-unite with their family in London.


From Il sole 24 ore

There are reasonable suspicions that the two brothers are part of an international terrorist cell: they must stay in jail. ” Writes the gip in the order for remand in custody against Karim and Shahad El Kunani, two brothers arrested on 31 December at Genoa airport as they were leaving for London with false Belgian identity cards and pictures of weapons and war scenes on your mobile.

GIP Genova: based on two brothers suspected in the membership of the two to a judge suspicious terrorist cell international, the money supply of the brothers, who had a thousand euros each, and the ease with which they found false documents. There would then be a flight risk whereby the two should remain in jail.

Arrested in Genoa: via from Iran to convert the two, interviewed in prison, said they fled from Iran to leave Islam and become a Christian, with the goal of reaching London to be reunited with family members. But the gip has validated the arrest and remand in custody is applied. Karim and Shaahd El Kunani had described the trips that they had brought to Genoa, speaking of a real “Odyssey”: «we started from Iran-said-and arrived in Turkey where they sold false documents. From there we passed in Greece, we climbed the Balkans and we passed in Austria and in Germany: this is where they sold tickets that were supposed to take us to London but instead were for Italy, Milan. From Milan arrived in Genoa where we stayed three days at the hotel but we do not know the name of the hotel. ” According to the pm, however, the two would not be two migrants but in all likelihood two belonging to a terrorist cell.


Sifting through the cameras of the Airport In fact one of the elements that emerged from the first analysis carried out by the police post on the cell phone of one of the two brothers shows that the two would be in Genoa since December 28: your smartphone, in fact, you would be hooked to a public wifi. The mobile phone with a sim Iranian, would contain numerous messages in Arabic that investigators now have to decipher, and some British mobile numbers. Decisive will also be examining cell phone records and engaged to reconstruct the whole trip made by two before arriving in Genoa. Sifting through the cameras of the airport area to see if they were accompanied by someone at the airport or if you have taken a taxi or public transport. Investigators are trying to find out if someone has hosted the brothers and if these are part of a “sleeper” cell present in Liguria that li could have hired to test the local airport of Genoa and try are tightened controls.

The doubts of the investigators the two, at the time of his arrest, told of being two refugees from Syria, they were in Belgium where they bought the fake documents and you want to get to a brother in London. But according to investigators, Karim and Lesley would have lied. From the evidence gathered by the investigators of the Digos the two would long shot: would have been in Turkey, then in Northern Europe and finally would arrive in Italy before moving to Genoa.

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