From Western Journalism: In the latest chapter of a scandal that has plagued outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder throughout his time at the Justice Department, recent reports indicate a gun used by illegal immigrants in Phoenix last year was obtained through the ill-conceived Fast and Furious program.Capture

Western Journalism recently reported, U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates denied a DOJ request to conceal certain material associated with the program based on a claim of executive privilege. The agency has repeatedly denied requests to release pertinent documents, including one filed more than two years ago by the watchdog organization Judicial Watch, and, as a result of his perceived stonewalling, Holder was found in contempt of Congress.

The federal gun-walking operation provided weapons to criminals in Mexico – often without any subsequent tracking of their use. The death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry has been attributed to a killer using one of these guns.

The latest claims came from Judicial Watch, which offered a brief summary of its allegations in an exclusive interview with Phoenix news radio station KFYI Monday. Mark Spencer confirmed only that his organization is confident that, following an investigation, a firearm recovered at a crime scene last year will be definitively linked to the botched operation.

Spencer noted that Judicial Watch first petitioned the Phoenix Police Department in an effort to obtain the relevant information earlier this year. As authorities have yet to comply, he explained that the organization is now pursuing action through the court system by filing a complaint with a local judge.


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