IT’S ABOUT TIME: Judge Blasts Corrupt Baltimore D.A. On Freddie Gray Case

via CT: A judge in the case of the police officers who arrested Freddie Gray in Baltimore has ruled that another police officer would not be compelled to testify against his fellow officers in the upcoming trial, Reuters reported.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams ruled Wednesday that an attempt by the prosecution to compel Officer William Porter to testify in the trial of other officers was a “stall tactic” being used by the prosecution to draw out the case.

Officer Porter had been the first of six officers to be tried in the case of Gray, a 25-year-old with a long criminal history who died while in the custody of Baltimore police last year. However, a mistrial was declared after the jury could not agree on a verdict in the case this December. He will be retried on involuntary manslaughter and other charges in June.

Porter’s attorney, Joseph Murtha, told the court that the prosecution’s request to compel Porter’s testimony was an attempt to “take him hostage in five cases … they want to torture him in his own trial with the threat of perjury.”

Prosecutors, in turn, had claimed that Porter was a major witness in the cases of Officer Caesar Goodson and Sergeant Alicia White.

This isn’t the first time Baltimore City State’s Attorney  case has had a major ruling go against her. Last summer, the same judge struck down a gag order she wished to place on the defense team (while she was trying the case in the media, of course).

“The Court notes that discovery was turned over on June 26, 2015, and as of this date, the court is not aware of the dissemination of any discovery information by Defendants,” Judge Williams wrote in that ruling.

“The only discovery item that has become public as of this date has been information from the autopsy report, and at the time of the alleged disclosure, the report had not been turned over to Defendants,” the judge added. “(T)here simply is no basis in the assertions presented to the court for the broad and extraordinary relief sought in the motion.”

Now that we know Marilyn Mosby’s case is built on intimidation, corruption and lies, it’s time to end this charade. Everyone accused — including Officer William Porter — deserves better than this media-driven spectacle of mob appeasement.

H/T Mad World News

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