It’s Official! Trump Just Made History With Surprising Record He Set That Obama Could NEVER Do

We know the media lies to us, that’s a given. And we know that they can make things look good when they’re actually bad. Case in point; the losing presidential candidate Clinton 2.0. It’s kind of part of the job when you’re on camera to make things look better, but is there a chance that they’re making things look worse?

I don’t mean a specific person or thing, I mean is there a chance that they’re attempting to influence the actual economy by artificially darkening the landscape for the general population? We know that the mainstream media hates President Trump, but it’s yet to be seen just how much damage they’re willing to do to the rest of America in order to take him down. But by all accounts, it looks to be a pretty high threshold.

Because of the unreliable nature of the reporting system in America, a few of our friends over at Breitbart News decided to check into what the actual number were regarding the public opinion about President Trump and his effect on the country in general and the economy and housing markets specifically. Turns out he’s kinda killing it when it comes to economic growth (and not the kind of killing it that Obama did, either).

Via Breitbart News:

“Would you believe that America is experiencing a new era of good feelings?
While America seems bitterly divided over many political questions, the rising tide of economic good feelings that swept America in the wake of the election of President Donald Trump shows no signs of abating. And there is widespread agreement among Americans that the Trump administration deserves credit for America’s economy.

The latest CNBC “All American Survey” finds that 30 percent of the public are both optimistic about the economy now and for the future, the second quarter in a row that present-future optimism scored so high. That’s the highest reading in the survey’s 10-year history. The previous high of 23 percent was hit in the March 2015 and December 2014 surveys.

Optimism about the future remains very high. Thirty-eight percent say the economy ‘will get better’ in the next year. That’s down from 40 percent in April and 42 percent in December, suggesting some of the post-election optimism is slipping. But it is well above the 25 percent registered in October, prior to the presidential election. It remains higher than any point since December 2009, when America was in the throes of the Great Recession.

Similarly, the post-election surge of positive feelings about the current state of the economy has continued. Prior to the election, just 23 percent of Americans rated the economy ‘good.’ That number rose to 31 percent in the December survey, to 36 percent in the April survey, and held steady at 35 percent in the latest survey. Those post-election numbers are the highest ever recorded in the survey.

Far fewer Americans rate the current state of the economy as ‘poor.’ In the pre-election survey, 30 percent gave the economy a poor rating–a result largely consistent with those throughout the Obama administration. That number fell to 23 percent in December, fell again to 17 percent in April. In the latest results, just 16 percent give the economy a poor rating.

The number of Americans who say the economy will get worse in the next year has grown since the election but is not much higher than it was for almost all of the Obama administration. In the latest survey, 29 percent of Americans were pessimistic about the economy, up from 26 percent in April and 23 percent in December. Just prior to the election, this number had fallen to 20 percent–thanks to a record high number of Americans (23 percent) saying they weren’t sure what the next year held.

The current level of pessimism about the future is hardly unusual. Prior to the election year rise in uncertainty about the future, the first time ever that the ‘not sure’ response rose to double digits, the average level of pessimism since 2008 has been 29 percent.

A close reading of the survey reveals that the Trump administration’s economic populism may be afflicting some pessimism on the well-off. Those who give current economic conditions high marks now but pessimistic about the future has risen to seven percent. Prior to the election, this number was rarely more than 1 or 2 percent. Immediately following the election, it had surged to 10 percent.

While many political pundits and economic pundits have insisted that credit for improving economic conditions belongs to Barack Obama or the normal [sic] turning of the business cycle, few Americans agree. In fact, there is broad agreement that the Trump administration’s policies deserve credit. Among Americans who say the economy will improve over the next year, 65 percent credit Trump’s policies. Among those who say it will get worse, 75 percent credit Trump’s policies.

The share of employed Americans who expect their wages will rise over the next year climbed to 44 percent, the highest level of optimism since February of 2008. Eleven percent of Americans expect a raise of 11 percent or more, in keeping with the post-election surge in wage optimism that saw this measure rise from 7 percent in September to 15 percent in December.

In other words, if you think we are living in a time of disorder and uncertainty, you may be getting misled by all the headlines about political chaos in Washington, D.C. Americans optimism is running very high on everything from the broad economy to wages to home prices to the stock market. Feeling better yet?”

Oh, you thought he’d fail? Sorry to ruin your plans while making a better future for your children and grandchildren. Maybe if your college-age kids protested against the President, maybe point out to them that they’ll be able to get a decent interest rate on their first home because of the way he’s running the country like a business.

I mean, I wouldn’t want anybody to have to actually be grateful or anything, but now you know. And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll vote for him in 4 years no matter what flashy smooth candidate the Democrats puts in front of your face. Here’s hoping that the next time Obummer and entourage comes to visit the White House, President Trump tells him “welcome to my house” because he sure is making it his house.

Smooth talking doesn’t get the DOW up, but apparently, President Trump does.

(Source: Breitbart News)

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