Ivanka Brutally Attacked After Getting Her Kids From Jewish School, Here’s What She Did

Ivanka Brutally Attacked After Getting Her Kids From Jewish School, Here's What She Did

After a busy week in Washington, D.C. helping her father make America great again, First Daughter Ivanka Trump set politics and career aside Friday afternoon to dedicate time and attention to her kids. However, it didn’t take long for the nasty liberal brigade to sour that experience and do so on the eve of a Jewish holiday she was trying to celebrate with her children.

When Barack Obama was president and anything was said about his children, liberals came out in droves to defend his daughters shouting “leave the kids alone!” The same isn’t said for any of President Trump’s family as leftists wage war against anyone and everyone, regardless of age or innocence, associated with the Trump name. Unfortunately, this time it was Ivanka and her two eldest children who are just three and 5-years-old.

ABC News reports that a photo of Ivanka with Arabella, 5, and son Joseph, 3, was posted to Instagram on Friday. It showed the working mother and observant Jew at home with some of her family, preparing traditional treats for the Jewish holiday, Purim.

Ivanka Brutally Attacked After Getting Her Kids From Jewish School, Here's What She Did

“After-school fun making hamentashen for Purim with Arabella and Joseph,” Ivanka wrote with the photo. However, rather than seeing this for the endearing moment that it was — a mother spending meaningful time with her kids, teaching them about her Biblical beliefs, the liberals trolls came out in full attack mode, not practicing what they preach of “leave the kids alone.”

Among the onslaught of nasty remarks were people calling this a publicity stunt and a sick use of her children. Others urged her not to forgets about Iran on this Jewish holiday, which is a really disgusting slap in the face considering it’s the one nation in the world where anti-Semitism is “a core component of its ruling ideology,” according to JPost.

Ivanka Brutally Attacked After Getting Her Kids From Jewish School, Here's What She Did

Rather than arguing with idiots, Ivanka showed true class by not responding at all, despite the personal accusations and remarks said about her children. I don’t recall a single time Michelle Obama was seen teaching her daughters religious principles. However, she was captured in many shots showing them entitlement and living a rockstar life with rappers spewing nasty lyrics, and the results of that “parenting” is being seen now in their teen years.

Not a single liberal had anything nasty to say about that, but do have endless criticism for Ivanka — a working mother who takes time for her kids and leads with her incredible example. If this is the worst they can say about her, then it just proves how great of a woman she really is.

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