Ivanka Just Posted Pic From Her Baby’s Birthday & People Instantly Noticed 1 Thing Really ‘Wrong’

Ivanka Just Posted Pic From Her Baby's Birthday & People Instantly Noticed 1 Thing Really 'Wrong'

Ivanka Trump is about as active as her father on social media, which makes the family more approachable than other politicians. However, liberals frequently use what Ivanka is willing to share from her personal life as an invitation to verbally berate her. When She posted a personal photo on Monday to say happy birthday to her youngest son, Theodore, many noticed something they thought that was really “wrong” in the shot.

Yesterday, was her baby boy’s first birthday and to commemorate the day, she shared a photo of her in the hospital holding Theodore in the bed. While most rational people can see the sentimental moment for what it was, liberals saw it much differently. In a strange twist to an otherwise special day and sentiment Ivanka shared, some took the post as a jab to healthcare and her flaunting hers since they aren’t able to afford hospital stays.

“One year ago today, little Theodore was born, expanding both our family and our hearts! This little boy is pure sunshine! ☀️Happy birthday baby boy” the proud mom-of-three wrote on Instagram to her youngest, along with the photo of her the day she welcomed him into the world.

It’s hard for pro-choice liberals to see the beauty in this moment, considering that a mother kept and loved her child a third time over. However, they made it worse by bringing “women’s reproductive rights” and healthcare reform into a post about her baby’s first birthday, proving that these hateful lunatics are self-centered and know no bounds.

“She also got on board with the removal of maternity care from ALL insurance as per the GOP plan … still waiting,” one incensed liberal commented on the photo. This same troll didn’t stop with her scathing remarks as she kept taunting Ivanka in several other snarky demands for answers as to who was going to cover her as a minority woman.

Ironically, the head troll in the feed accused the other female commenters who congratulated this baby on his birthday and defended the First Daughter, of being childish. She was completely remiss about the fact that she was using a social media thread on a little boy’s birthday to throw a fit about not getting her abortions and birth control paid for. Chances are, seeing a new mother and baby celebrating life was a trigger for this ignorant idiot and all the others who made similar disgusting comments.

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