Ivanka Makes Shocking Statement About Her ‘Stepmom’ On Her Birthday Yesterday – How Do You Feel About This?

Family is complicated. It’s the first, and possibly the most complicated diplomatic situation any of us will ever have to navigate. Some days you want to kiss them and some days you want to kill them. Anybody who tells you any differently is either lying or doesn’t spend much time with their family. It’s all about human nature and the fact that we’re all flawed, and those flaws come out at some of the worst times. But if you’re a good family member, you’ll forgive and have their back anyway.

The first family no doubt has its share of tricky moments with step parents and siblings and all the in-laws. It’s a universally troubling situation to try and make sure that there are no misunderstandings. That has to be magnified by about 1000x with the cameras & news crews poised to pounce if you show even the smallest whiff of disregard. Thankfully, everybody in the family seems to be dedicated to making the relationships work, despite what the media would have you believe.

None have had more criticism or seem to be doing better than Ivanka and her stepmom Melania Trump, and this was displayed in a big way on the FLOTUS’s birthday.

Via Daily Mail:

Ivanka Trump wished the first lady and her stepmother Melania Trump a happy birthday on Wednesday in a Twitter message filled with adoration.

President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter made sure to publicly proclaim how lovely she considered her stepmom as she turned 57 [The Daily Mail got Melania’s age wrong, she actually just turned 47].

Her fawning post followed reports on Sunday from two unnamed sources that the first lady and Ivanka, 35, have a frosty relationship.

‘Happy Birthday to our first lady (and my incredible step-mom!) Melania Trump,’ Ivanka wrote in a tweet posted Wednesday. ‘A wonderful example of kindness and grace for us all! @FLOTUS.’

A White House spokesperson denied allegations that the two women do not get along and said they have always had a close bond.

If the relationship is frigid, it could stem from Ivanka standing in for first lady duties.

In a Vanity Fair article centered on the private life of Melania, the magazine claimed that two unidentified sources in both fashion and media noticed cold interactions between her and Ivanka.

Melania was greeted with disapproving headlines when it was announced she would be staying in New York City with her son Barron for the remainder of the 11-year-old’s academic school year, despite President Donald Trump moving to Washington, DC.

Ivanka on the other hand, quickly rounded up her three children and husband Jared Kushner to move into a $5.5 million dollar home in the exclusive neighborhood of Kalorama in DC.

The first daughter, who returned from Germany on Wednesday where she had traveled on behalf of the president to mourn Holocaust victims, has always been at her father’s side.

Upon her return and just before she sent out the ‘happy birthday’ message to Melania, the star Trump child tweeted a video with her son, Theodore, as the two of them wished on a dandelion.

‘Straight from the plane to a date with the kids in the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens,’ she wrote in the tweet on Wednesday. ‘It was an amazing trip, but it’s great to be home!’

I’m obviously not privileged enough to know the first family, but can I just say that if anyone is good and kind enough to win over their stepdaughter, they must be doing something right. Of course, you’re welcome to listen to the media when they tell you that it’s all a big publicity stunt and the two actually hate one another. That they act so badly when the cameras aren’t trained on them, but maybe you should consider your source there. The media has proved that they will do anything to get you to think badly of anyone with the last name Trump, even if it’s taking cheap shots at his family.

And to be honest, if families are tricky, stepfamilies are the Sunday Times Crossword. Have the two ever disagreed on anything? Almost assuredly they have at some point. They’re both smart, strong women. But the question is, how do they deal with these problems? Obviously the patching up has been strong in these two. People can hurt us, especially those that we love and that love those we love, but if you can’t disagree with someone you love and then go back and make it right and decide the relationship is bigger, then that sounds like a personal problem and something you should work on. But don’t worry about the first family because obviously, they have it down pat.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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