Ivanka Shares HILARIOUS Pic Of What Trump Taught His Grandson To Do — Holy Cow He’s Exactly Like Grandpa!

Ivanka Trump has made headlines these past few weeks for a plethora of controversies surrounding her and her father. But this time she is making it for something far more benign and adorable. She recently posted a picture to her social media page of her eleven-month-old son Theodore James Kushner.

The picture shows Theodore with wild morning hair with a huge grin on his face while he is riding a stuffed elephant. Coincidently, the elephant is the universal symbol for the Republican party.

People on social media immediately commented on his hair and drew a funny comparison to his grandfather who is noted for his crazy hair as well. Clearly, it runs in the family. When the family moved into the White House back in January Ivanka Trump had posted a video of Theodore taking his first steps in the White House.

While her father’s policies may be debatable and something everyone disagrees on, nobody can argue what adorable children she has and what an amazing mother she is. It is abundantly clear the Kushners are family oriented people who enjoy spending as much time together as is humanly possible.

With the exception of Tiffany Trump who just graduated college and Barron Trump who is still in Middle School all of the President’s children have children of their own. The President has always taken the opportunity to give praise to all his children and grandchildren. The media has shown many pictures of the young Trump children and grandchildren playing in the Oval Office and White House.

The Trump children truly are an asset to their father. Even his adversaries have nothing but amazing things to say about them. During the final presidential debate, even his opponent Hillary Clinton said that his children are amazing when asked to say one nice thing about the President.

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