Ivanka Trump Just Made HISTORY And Put Michelle Obama To SHAME With What She Did In WH Last Night

President Trump has had a tough time shaking certain stigmas that were unfairly bestowed on him by the liberal media. He’s been very prevalently called racist and sexist, among other things. And while one can admit, he hasn’t had the most finesse in the past, if actions speak louder than words, those claims should have long since dissipated.  Unfortunately, letting go of that grudge would not fit the narrative that the left is trying to portray. And being able to build that narrative on the foundation that fosters hate had been very useful for them.

One of the main reasons that the myth about President Trump’s sexism has been deemed ridiculous by the unbiased, is because of the advisory position that he created for his daughter Ivanka. The First Daughter has had the President’s ear from day one, championing women’s issues from maternity leave, to tax breaks for stay at home mothers.

The wish that women have to contribute both financially and emotionally to their families crosses all racial boundaries. Becuase of this, Ivanka Trump attended the first ever meeting of the top Latina entrepreneurs. They were, of course, delighted to have someone who is not only a first daughter but has so much sway over President’s decisions on family issues as Ivanka does.

This is a beautiful picture of just how comfortable all of the Trumps are with people of any ethnicity. They have done a stellar job of trying to make every issue about the right thing for people, not about inequality because of skin color.

The Obama White House was all about race. His being the first black President, him being mixed race while Michelle is not, racist religious leaders supporting him, and the list goes on. Barack and Michelle Obama were the worst things to happen to the campaign to eradicate racism in America, in modern history.

As many Civil Rights leaders were quick to point out, racism in America will never truly go away until we stop seeing the color of people’s skin, and start seeing them for who they are. Because character and the color of your heart are what really matters, not the color of your skin.

(Source: Liberty Writers News)

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