Ivanka Trump Sexually Harassed By Major Celebrity, What He Did To Her Will Make You SICK!

The hypocrisy of liberals has no bounds, and no end in sight either. Ever since Donald Trump was elected president liberals have attacked Trump and his family mercilessly. In the past, insults were not usually directed towards the children or wives of the president. However, that has not deterred celebrities from bashing President Trump’s wife and children. Now, one celebrity has gone as far as to sexually harass Ivanka Trump, and of course, the media is silent.

George Lopez used to be funny in my opinion, but that time has come and gone. That is especially true after Lopez decided to sexually harass Trump’s daughter on social media. Lopez posted a video of two dogs mating, a fan tagged Lopez and asked when they were going to pimp Ivanka.

“She’s ready!” Lopez wrote in response.

The fan then wrote back, “Ok then let’s get her maybe she should spend some time in Mexico,” to which Lopez responded, “That would hurt her brand.”

Here is a screenshot below.

This is hardly funny, and sadly this seems to be a common joke with celebrities now. Thankfully, people did call Lopez out on his disgusting behavior, but the post still remains up.

One person wrote, “Wow this isn’t even funny it’s so disrespectful to her. This is bullying. It’s weird how comfortable these celebrities feel doing stuff like this. Wasn’t he moving to Mexico or Canada or something? I use to like his show but seeing how nasty he is I’m really disliking after the last few times he’s been in the shade room.”

Another person said, “All these derogatory messages aimed at her is disgusting!! So not cool, even if they are a family of frauds!!”

This is not the first time either that Lopez has gone too far with his “jokes”. Just last month he found himself in hot water when he referred to a Black female audience member as a “bitch.”

I am sick and tired of celebrities just receiving a slap on the wrist for their behavior. Could you imagine the media uproar if this was said about one of Obama’s daughters or Michelle? It would be treated as a hate crime and cities would be burned to the ground. Oh, but since it is Donald Trump’s family everyone is silent.

Again, this is the world we live in today, and I hope that one day it will change.

H/T [ Oxygen ]

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