Ivanka Makes Shocking Sudden Job Change At White House, Then Drops Bomb About What She’s Doing With The Money

On what should be a glorious day for feminists everywhere, Ivanka is officially taking her role as Presidential advisor and moving into her West Wing office at the White House. Somehow, though, the joy of the normally supportive left has been absent. Could this be because the agenda is less about breaking the glass ceiling and more about breaking the backs of conservatives?

Regardless, President Trump has given his daughter the opportunity to champion women’s issues by advising him about how he can best serve the family unit. She and husband Jared are both in the process of getting the proper security clearances and government issued electronic devices.

The initial report was that Ivanka wouldn’t collect a salary at all, but according to Red State, it looks as if she may follow in her father’s footsteps and collect a check that would be donated to charity. This is sometimes done as a formality because of government policies that frown on anyone working for the government for free.

Despite all this, there are many who are still very much upset that she has a White House role at all.

Apparently, we are all expected to turn a blind eye to anything that a democrat does, but a conservative business person who graduated with honors from Wharton can’t possibly be qualified for a civilian advisory position that many non-politicians before her have taken.

I’m not even sure the left is even trying to be impartial at this point, they are just upset and don’t care who knows about it. If the President knows that he works well with his daughter and son in law, and doesn’t have to go through the process of getting to know new people and how they work, it seems to me that it would just expedite the efficient operation of this administration. But heaven forbid that we don’t calm the extreme fear of liberals that conservatives aren’t ethical. <insert eye roll here>

(Source: Gateway Pundit)

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