Ivy League LOSER!! Harvard cancels soccer season for WORST reason ever

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to college or not. It doesn’t matter if you’ve attended cheapo community college, overpriced Ivy League, or run of the mill state college. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, yellow, male, female, smart as potato or a genius.

No matter who you are and what you are, you are no different than the men on the Harvard soccer team who just had their season canceled because they were acting like everyone else.

The Harvard men’s soccer team was checking out the ladies on the girls team and made a kinda funny scouting report of who’s hot/not/etc.

That’s awesome. At least someone was paying attention to girls soccer, right?

We all people watch and size up people we’re attracted to (or not) and it’s called human nature. If we’re with a group of friends and an attractive person walks by, then you can be sure the friends all notice and maybe crack a joke or two about what position they’d find themselves in or how they’d love to be a bike seat under those yoga pants.

You do it. I do it. They do it. Everyone does it.

Unless you’re one of those gender confused libtards who isn’t attracted to anything but being an annoying fish face SJW trifflypuff – then there’s a reason you’re not attracted to anything, and that’s because nothing is attracted to you.

I’m 100% sure that the women’s soccer team at Harvard was checking out the guys too. It’s called being human and lots of us do it.

But since the athletic director at Harvard is acting like a liberal p*ssy, he went ahead and canceled the rest of the 4-0-1 season and now the men’s team probably sits around daydreaming of their top five hotties on the women’s soccer team even more.


The Crimson – Athletics Director Robert L. Scalise wrote in an email to Harvard student athletes that he decided to cancel the rest of the team’s season because the “practice appears to be more widespread across the team and has continued beyond 2012, including in 2016.”

“As a direct result of what Harvard Athletics has learned, we have decided to cancel the remainder of the 2016 men’s soccer season,” Scalise wrote. “The team will forfeit its remaining games and will decline any opportunity to achieve an Ivy League championship or to participate in the NCAA Tournament this year.”

Last week, The Crimson reported that the 2012 men’s soccer team created a “scouting report” of that year’s women’s soccer recruits, rating them numerically and assigning each a hypothetical sexual position. University President Drew G. Faust instructed OGC, Harvard’s team of lawyers, to “review” the matter.

I am utterly disgusted in the decision to cancel the remainder of a soccer season for something that everyone does.

This is political correctness, liberal, idiocy at its finest and it has to stop.

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