JAGER BOMBER: This Guy Created The PERFECT Halloween Costume… Then Some Muslims Saw It


(Conservative Tribune) For this year’s Halloween festivities, a very clever Penn State University student used a Saudi Arabian head covering and a vest featuring two bottles of Jägermeister and several cans of Red Bull to dress up as a “Jager Bomber” terrorist.

The unnamed student did this in celebration of the Jager bomb, a popular bomb-shot cocktail made from a mixture of the Red Bull energy drink and Jägermeister liquor.

But according to Business Insider, when this unnamed student uploaded a picture of his clever costume to the Yeti Campus Stories app, Muslims responded with outrage, as they always do whenever something offends them.

“My family is from the Middle East and I took offense to this,” wrote one Muslim. “NOT funny bro.”

“It’s about the fact that he COULD be offending 23 percent of the global population, or 28.3 million Saudi Arabians, or any Muslim student or a student of Middle Eastern / northern African descendants,” whined another.

Here’s the amazing costume that made the Muslims so upset:

Jager Bomber

What’s rather amusing is that the individual who took the photo is himself a Muslim.

“I’m the one who took the pic and I’m from Saudi Arabia,” he wrote. “The guy was awesome and he didn’t do the costume out of racism.”

Jager Bomber Friend

But the best response to the Muslim students’ petulance came from an adoring supporter of 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, who reminded everyone, “This is America where we have freedom of speech and freedom of expression”:

Trump Supporter

Everyday Muslims pretend to be so-called “moderates,” but their attitudes often display the opposite, which is that they seemingly care more about the rules of Shariah law than they do about the constitutional laws of the United States of America.

Unfortunately for them, here in America, the Constitution trumps Shariah law, and that is something that we must never let change.


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