James Woods Just Posted The Ultimate List Of What Democrats Have Done To America

The mainstream liberal media likes to depict the current state of affairs as a new apocalypse. If you judged the country by the liberal media you would think we were living in some type of dystopian reality. Instead of a DOW Jones that is at its highest with a new healthcare bill that will provide millions of more Americans with coverage.

James Woods posted a list to social media of exactly what the Democrats have achieved all the while making up stories about connections between the administration and Russia, to fake news, James Comey, and more.

President Obama gave out a substantial amount of criminal pardons and commutations for felons. All in an attempt to reform the so-called corrupt criminal justice system. He helped to open our borders to criminal illegal aliens who have brought violence to our doorsteps.

He encouraged abortions and allowed for gender neutral bathrooms to be placed in federal buildings. Meanwhile making excuses for radical Islamic terrorists and showing sympathizing behavior. That is what the Democratic administration has done over the last eight years. Now that the Trump administration is in power Democrats are pointing their finger and trying to make it seem like they are ineffective.

However, in just two months on the job, the new administration has begun taking bids for the new proposed border wall and they have reinstated the Dakota access pipeline and keystone pipeline. As well, they have reinstituted their temporary immigration travel ban and signed NASA legislation that will send a mission to Mars. This is just the start. The new Republican healthcare bill is just a few months away from being actual law.

The Republicans are a party of action while the Democrats are a party of talk and inaction. Woods depicted that perfectly with his list of what Democrats have actually accomplished… which is nothing.

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