James Woods Slams Obama for Silence About Christian Hate Crime Aspect of Oregon Shooting


From Young Cons: Actor James Woods is a rarity in Hollywood. He’s an unashamed conservative who boldly stands for his principles regardless of what the knuckleheads in our culture might think of him, and he certainly has no fear when it comes to giving Obama the business.

Woods recently took to Twitter and predicted the president would totally ignore the fact Christians were targeted in the recent UCC shooting, refusing to acknowledge it was a hate crime.

Well, it looks like he was spot on.

From Western Journalism:

As reports surfaced that the gunman in last week’s shooting specifically targeted Christians, Woods began to forecast what he believed would be Obama’s reaction to that aspect of the story.

Woods then followed up with this set of tweets indicating he was right on the money.


Woods isn’t the only one angry over Obama’s silence on the matter, as many of the actor’s fans responded to his tweets with the same outrage.

Just imagine if Muslims had been targeted by this crazy piece of wacko? The words “hate crime” would be flying out of Obama’s mouth so fast it would make our heads spin like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

Why does Obama seem to favor Muslims over Christians?


By pandering to followers of Islam it makes the president look “tolerant,” as he champions equality for a group that most Americans aren’t big fans of — with absolutely justifiable reason — and thus wins more liberal bleeding heart supporters.

He’s also under the false belief that there’s no such thing as evil, just people who are misunderstood, folks who are simply victims of circumstance. If we fix their situation, he thinks, surely they’ll turn over a new leaf and stop chopping people’s heads off? I mean, they just need jobs and stuff…

Again, this line of thinking helps win voters and supporters for the Democratic Party, so all of this begging and bowing is politically motivated.

Christians on the other hand are a group the left — Obama’s current base — hate with a passion, therefore, to support them in any way is cultural and political suicide. He won’t call this a hate crime because to do so means sympathy for the Christian religion, and that’s just not “cool” in today’s warped and twisted culture.

I mean, come on! Why support Christians? They won’t toss their Bibles in the trash and bake cakes for gay weddings and participate in the wicked lifestyles of others! Geez, get with the times already!

Anyway, I’m glad James Woods is speaking out on this, and I hope others will join him and help shed some much needed light on the hate crime aspect of this horrific shooting.

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