BREAKING: Japan Just Evacuated! We Are Now On The Brink Of Full Scale War!

Paul Joseph Watson reports that Japan is preparing plans that would provide guidelines for the evacuation of 60,000 citizens from South Korea. They’re allegedly finalizing the details of the mass evacuation suggestively because of the mounting tensions between USA and North Korea.

I suppose South Korea wants nothing to do with WWIII? What good is a world war when people back out? Come on now, where’s your spirit?

If Americans need to evacuate any cities, then we all know Detroit is available since barely anyone lives there and it looks like a WWIII already happened in that city.

Via InfoWars:

Japan is finalizing plans to evacuate 60,000 of its citizens from South Korea in the event of war as tensions between the United States and North Korea continue to build.

Japan has 127.3 million people living there. What about the rest of them? Are the 60,000 the most beautiful and fertile women and the most manly burly men? If there’s a world war, then we’re going to press the reset button and we should at least pick the best of the best, right? 60 thousand out of 127+ million isn’t a large number at all in the grand scheme of things.

Japan’s National Security Council has held urgent discussions on how it would provide safe passage for its citizens if a major crisis arose out of a potential North Korean nuclear test, which some have predicted could happen this weekend.

We really shouldn’t have anyone playing with nuclear weapons. What’s wrong with a classic explosion? We don’t need to nuke people anymore. It’s simply not needed. Blow a few things up and call it a day.

Japanese authorities are also readying for a potential wave of North Korean refugees to pour into the country, amongst whom could be hidden spies and agents, Japanese media reported.

Oh hell no! The Japanese better kick them out! I don’t know what refugees are like over in North Korea, but have you seen the Muslim refugees? Sweden, Germany, and France are doing so well with their refugee crisis. Do I need to list more places that literally love their refugees so much that the women are just begging to be gang raped?

“Besides commercial ships and planes, Japan would want to send military aircraft and ships to assist in the evacuation if the South Korean government agreed,” reports Press TV.

Probably shouldn’t have told us about the ships. Now those Somali pirates will be waiting for you out there. Look at me, I’m the captain now.

The official who revealed the plan declined to be identified, citing the “sensitivity” of the topic. A Japanese ruling party lawmaker and a government source also told Reuters this week that authorities in Japan were preparing for an influx of North Korean refugees, but that such preparations were being kept secretive so as not to stir public anxiety.

What happens if the person who declined to be identified, gets identified anyway by the person they talked to? What if the person who declined to be identified doesn’t exist and this is all a ruse?

North Korea’s Vice foreign minister Han Song Ryol told the Associated Press today that the country is prepared to use its most “powerful nuclear deterrent” if the U.S. launched a pre-emptive strike.

That’s nothing to worry about. Every country is prepared to use their most lethal weaponry. That’s completely normal and acceptable. Why wouldn’t they always be prepared? They are doing nothing wrong by stating that they are simply prepared to respond to an attack.

NBC reported yesterday that the Trump administration could launch a conventional pre-emptive strike if it suspects North Korea is about to follow through on a nuclear weapons test, although this was subsequently denied by Pentagon officials.

The keyword is “could” as in anyone could do anything at anytime. The other keyword that wasn’t used is “most likely won’t and this is all talk” which Paul Joseph Watson should’ve included in the article, but perhaps forgot to pen that one in at the end.

I’m settling on the idea that this is all normal banter between countries and it has become quite expanded due to the use of social media. Presidents of the past didn’t exactly talk trash on the Tweeter like President Trump does.

I don’t personally think there will be any attacks between the major countries as there’s simply no point for any of us to get involved with attacking each other.

I’m also a firm believer that Trump will be a star on the “My Strange Addiction” show and they’ll show him addicted to Twitter and spray tans. We have eight years to build up content for that! Yeah. Eight. Democrats are OUT.

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