Jay Leno Just Gave BIG Middle Finger To Hollywood With Huge Move He Made For Trump

Former late night talk show host, Jay Leno, is no fan of President Donald Trump. What he just said about the current President is something that you’ll cheer for all day and all night. Leno is catching heat from fellow celebrities and leftists for NOT bashing Trump. Leno decided that he would do things his way and not make every little thing a “What did Trump do now” situation.

Leno also points out that if you don’t pick a partisan side to stand with, then everyone hates you. Leno’s style is more along the lines of cracking jokes and questioning YOU as a viewer instead of destroying the candidates themselves. His style is more evenly dispersed as he will gladly joke about anyone, but it makes you think a little bit further about your own views.

Maybe it’s easier to write jokes when you can trash the Presidents from every angle. It didn’t seem to cost him many fans when Jay Leno was a bit time host for The Tonight Show. At some point people will get tired of hearing negative comments and simply long for the jokes that used to make late night television a thing to look forward to.

Leno himself got flack back when he hosted The Tonight Show for his rather even-handed approach to covering former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, but he said it’s difficult for current hosts to emulate his style.

There are so many liberal writers in Hollywood that it’s often hard for them to write jokes for the host that are actually funny. It’s easier for them to bash Trump, but they would be more successful and increase viewership if they could tackle their tasks with a legitimate sense of humor. That would require looking away from the partisan aspect of writing and stick to what’s really funny, regardless of whom it insults.

“We live in an era now where if you don’t take sides, both sides hate you,” Leno  explained. “Bush was dumb, and Clinton was horny. When I was doing a monologue, I never questioned anybody’s patriotism — you questioned their judgment.”

It’s true. Both sides will hate you, but that also increases the number of viewers because now both sides will watch you. If you irritate everyone, then they’re all talking about you and that creates an audience. All press is good press, right?

Leno went on to slam hosts who take their attacks on Trump too far, saying he thinks they are “overindulging” in the mean-spirited, hateful brand of comedy.

You can’t really call it comedy anymore. Now it’s the tedious trashing of Trump. Cracking jokes on political figures can be hilarious if you do it right and make fun of EVERYONE, but if you always target the same person, then even your biggest fans will get tired of it. If you’re a Trump supporter, then you probably realize it became old news to hear about Rosie O’Donnell all the time. We already know she’s a fat pig who’s potentially batsh*t crazy and has literally no life other than to trash the Trumpster. We all know she’s annoying, a borderline “1” in looks, and hasn’t been relevant since she was next to Tom Hanks and Geena Davis in “A League of their Own.” But guess what? We got tired of hearing what we already knew. Everyone does. Everyone wants fresh and funny content, not tired and old material that’s like a broken record repeating itself over and over and over.

“I am not a Trump fan at all, not in the slightest, not in the least,” said Leno. “But this constant pounding does have a tendency to anesthetize your feelings.”

“It should be called, ‘What Did Trump Do Now?’ That’s basically what everybody’s monologue is,” he said of the current late-night hosts. “You almost wish for a normal day, just to have a joke.”

Jay Leno nailed it. He’s tired of it. I’m tired of it. I just want some good old-fashioned comedy without hearing about Trump. It’s old news. The big orange fella will be President for at least four or eight years and that’s just how it is for now.

Everyone who hates it can get over it. Or if they’re that upset and still whining, then book a ticket out of the country on a United Airlines flight and get beat up on your way out of the country.

Make late night TV great again.

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