NEWSFLASH: Jay Z, Beyoncé Don’t Represent Middle Class Families

Liberal Hollywood is at it again, and Satan spawn Hillary Clinton is totally for their nonsense. In a “Get Out And Vote” concert held by Beyonce and JayZ in honor of Hillary…we learned even further how unattached Hillary Clinton is from reality.

JayZ got up on stage with all sorts of language that would throw liberals into a hissy fit if it had been on any other stage for any other candidate. Beyonce also got up on that same stage and did her thing, that she doe so well.

But then… pulled a number out from her butt so wrong, that it’s hard to believe that even she can’t tell how stupid she sounded.

The woman had to audacity to try and sound inspiring when she said:

“I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country and knowing that her possibilities are limitless,” the singer said to the crowd. “And that’s why I am with her.”

So basically. Sure, Hillary is a liar, probably a murderer, and an utter SNAKE, but hey that’s ok. Vote for her anyway because she’s a woman. Why? Because she wants her daughter to grow up knowing she can do anything? Why couldn’t she teach her that as her Mother? Does it really have to be a crooked slimeball like Hillary Clinton?

Also…how can you put the fate of a nation at risk, just because you want a woman to be the President? Is it just so you can join the men at sizing up their junk? I’m sorry, but… a woman has never needed power to be powerful. Never.

Beyonce seems to be wanting to prove something here and her want has nothing to do with what is best for America or Americans at all. Her vision is so short sighted that she’s supporting the destruction of the nation that her daughter lives in and will have to survive.

The stupidity…is disgusting.

BUT…Beyonce can do whatever she wants right? Just as the rest of us can. Hillary is the one that should get a swift kick to the arse. Even for how desperate she is for money and power…even though she couldn’t careless about Beyonce or her talent….except to take it when it benefits her. She is still the real problem here.

She is pandering once again to what she THINKS is hip and cool…instead of sticking to showing the American people why she thinks she should be President.

It couldn’t possibly be because she’s in with “Hip crowd” could it?

What true blue hardworking American can relate with Beyonce?

You picked the wrong “role model” Hillary. You really have no clue what we need do you?

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